System Integration

Kii will provide the expertise, planning and strategic success path to integrate your existing systems into a streamlined mobile experience. More and more frequently, a mobile application needs to integrate with a list of web services and back end systems to provide a truly seamless user experience to your customer. In this regard how your systems are integrated can make or break your product.

Having worked with clients whose services span multiple internal and external systems, Kii is well versed in the task of system integration. Whether it’s building a web service layer in the application or writing a stateless server component as the middle layer, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.

Our Approach

In some cases, the mobile application can be the integration point that ties the different services together. In other cases, a server layer is required to orchestrate the back ends and provide a uniform API to the mobile client. We will work closely with your organization to determine the best path to success.

When we develop the backend layer for your mobile application, we use technologies that are open source and can be easily deployed to the cloud. Our experience working with products such as MongoDB that are designed to fit the distributed nature of cloud computing, in conjunction with open source frameworks such as Spring Source can help you take full advantage of what the cloud has to offer.

System Integration

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