The Kii Video-On-Demand Content Delivery System

Many organizations are recognizing the need to provide their content to the mobile environment and the user who is on the move and not tethered to their laptop.  Companies that have traditionally maintained the customer relationship via email, telephone, or mail are looking for new ways to communicate and keep those customers engaged.  Customers want rich information and communications at their fingertips, and those fingertips are usually on the go – 24/7.  They expect an interactive experience that they can easily share socially, comment on, and benefit from.  Organizations that ignore this new reality are being left behind and losing customers to more customer-focused, engaged and technically savvy businesses.

How can your organization engage your customers and get them sharing your products and services socially in a new way to drive more revenue?

Whether you need to deliver content, provide instruction, or simply use new tools to maintain your customers attention, Kii Mobile can work with your team to deploy the platform that will give your company the system to engage and ensure scalability as your business and customer base grows.

Having designed, built and delivered video-on-demand (“VOD”) solutions for large enterprise (Fortune 100) customers, Kii is ready to customize our VOD system for your business to help you gain new customers, retain current ones, and drive additional revenue streams by providing a stable, secure and rich media experience.  We will engage with your IT team to successfully integrate the platform to any back end system and ensure that your staff can easily manage and scale the solution based on your business needs.

Providing secure access to your content without having to move out of your environment to YouTube or another 3rd party provider is important and with our DRM and e-commerce integration experience, you can be sure that the payment for and delivery of content over the mobile devices of your customers will be safe and secure.

Business moves fast … your customers are moving faster, demanding more and are not satisfied with 9 to 5. Give them the Company touch point that they now expect.  The trend of providing video on mobile devices is here to stay.