Mobile Strategy

You know you need to get into “mobile” but don’t know where to start. Or, your organization has started down a mobile path and has hit a human resource or technical roadblock. Whether it’s iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows, our mobile development consultants will work with you in defining your very important first step or what is required to take your current development strategy to the next level.

When you engage Kii Mobile, part of our service includes assisting in the path and definition of the mobile strategy for your organization. Many companies understand that they require a mobile presence, but are not completely sure why or how to get there. Our consultants work with your product, marketing and sales teams to create business and go-to-market strategies that work.

Critical to Your Strategy

Planning your product release is a key step in executing your mobile strategy. Kii Mobile will assist you in this process.

  • Having decided on a platform, what version do you plan on supporting first?
  • What is your upgrade path to support future versions?
  • Are there third party tools that need to be evaluated and ultimately purchased to support the product?

Kii Mobile will perform the time estimate, project plan and handle the development and QA cycles to ensure a successful product release.



Product Development

At Kii we have been fortunate to deliver a wide range of different solutions for our customers. From cool games and apps available on the App Store, to sophisticated Android enterprise solutions, to innovative solutions for BlackBerry, our developers have an extensive and measured reference point for all areas of the mobile market.

Kii Mobile wants your project to move forward smoothly, on time and most importantly, on budget. The best way to achieve these targets is to take the time up front to work with you and ensure the path chosen and the methods employed get us to the end goal together in the most efficient manner. Part of that process is generating quick iterations for client review to ensure we have captured the vision of the project. We are able to produce short development and test cycles to get our customer’s feedback quickly and continue along the correct path.

life cycle of product development

As part of our turnkey service, Kii Mobile will take advantage of our relationships with Apple, BlackBerry and Google to ensure your application gets deployed on and is available for all the target platforms and devices.

Mobile Development

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