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Delivering Content to Mobile

Cross platform content delivery is a major consideration for many of our customers. With experts specialized in all mobile platforms, our implementation guarantees a uniform, high quality engineering standard across all OSs. The result is that each and every one of your customers receives the same high quality of service regardless of their preferred device.

Connecting your customers to video content is one of our strengths. Displaying video on mobile devices can be challenging because of the different protocols and media formats supported by different devices, not to mention the various DRM implementations and their limitations. Having worked on a number of video on demand products, our team can guide you through the complete vertical implementation of the software we create for you. We are especially proud that our customers have repeatedly called upon us to carry out their high visibility projects.

SalesForce Integration

The benefits of Salesforce are tremendous; however, maximizing the software’s utility can be a challenge. At Kii Mobile, we specialize in helping small and mid-size businesses integrate Salesforce with other applications, including Force.com mobile solutions. With Force.com, we can develop and deliver applications 5 times faster at significantly lower cost than traditional platforms. Keep your entire team connected and up-to-date so that they never miss opportunities while out of the office.

System Integration

Providing a streamlined experience to costumers often requires back end system and mobile software integration. Whether it’s interfacing with your custom backend system via web services, working with third party APIs, sharing on social networks, or even building a thin orchestration layer on the cloud to tie it all together, our team at Kii has you covered.


Mobile development is a burgeoning industry, and Kii has been entrenched in this market since the very beginning. Starting with Blackberry smart phones, to iOS and Android, and now getting ready for Windows 8 and Blackberry 10, we continue to build up our expertise to help you take advantage of the cutting edge of the mobile space. As applications look more and more to the backend to support their features, we have grown our server side capabilities as well. Many of the tools and frameworks we use are open source and cloud ready, so you can rest assured your servers won’t fall down when your mobile application picks up steam.


Kii has provided services to a diverse set of industries including: telecommunications, medical, financial services and more. No matter which industry you are part of, Kii can find a way to help you achieve greater success in your market. Whether your firm is an industry leader looking to maintain dominance, or a start-up positioned to grow our team can help you achieve success.

New paradigm, effective approach, proven results.

Our People

Being a close knit group, the efficiency and accountability of each team member is high. As a company we go out of our way to make sure everyone has the resources they need to succeed. The result is a resourceful and driven engineering team ready to rise to your next challenge.

Our Tools

Our team’s knowledge of the most popular mobile platforms: iOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows mobile is exhaustive, from the first to latest versions. All of our engineers are avid contributors to open source communities so you can trust us with picking the best tools to solve your problem.

Our Method

At Kii we implement both the waterfall and agile software development methodologies to maximize your gains. Our hybrid approach aims to keep you on budget, while maintaining the agility to offer you full transparency and flexibility during the process.

Our Results

Kii is focused on helping you deliver robust and scalable mobile applications to your end users. Promoting new business opportunities and retaining existing clients is the main goal of the organizations we work for, we achieve this by continuously evolving and optimizing the mobile experience for your users.


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